As a studio, we’re deeply rooted in the values of the simple, yet amazingly complex concept of recognition – the sight, the colors, and well… the design.

We’re exceptionally strong in our areas of expertise. We work like a Swiss watch. We will never claim to know everything about everything. We’re not a full-service studio specializing in everything from posters to political PR. We chose our path of art direction, branding, visuals & web design because that’s really the only way to achieve true excellence.

Since 2019 we’ve been helping companies/organizations launch and create real value through shaping unique brands and user experiences. 

Être Noir is a creative studio with expertise in art direction, visual identities, visuals, and, web design. All of our projects are meaningful. Always roots before branches.


Art Direction

Visual Design
Social Media Design
Cover Artwork
Event Artwork

Visual Identities

Brand Development
Web Design
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Logo Design


Creative Direction
Visual Concept
Event Visuals
2D Animation


Communication strategy
Design strategy
Campaign planning
Marketing Campaign
Social media strategy
Content strategy